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Selling Air

Two-channel HD video installation (5” monitors) | 2:11 min

Video Documentation

On the left channel, a 5" monitor shows the deteriorated interiors of a house located in Paseo Colón—a Nuevo Laredo's emblematic avenue connoting wealth and high social status—that has been in a state of abandonment since its owner, a renowned mafia boss, was shot to death inside the place by the rival cartel in 2014. The house is one of the city's 20,000 abandoned properties derived from a migratory crisis produced by a narco-state founded in crime, drug trafficking, and necropower. This phenomenon is the result of practices underpinned by extreme violence that have been established in the Mexican border towns as an everyday form to obtain recognition, economic legitimacy, and logistical control of the entry ports enabling illicit trafficking into the US. On the other channel, a sleek and minimalist synchronized 3D reconstruction of the same space appropriates the real estate's aesthetics used to commercialize properties. The dialogue between the two different representations opens a space to think about the border as hybrid geography in which humanism is displaced as a central epistemology in favor of a consumerist hedonism radicalized through a neoliberal logic of hyper-consumption and violence commodification. As an attempt to extend a critical perspective on the subject, the project was executed in collaboration with the only rendering studio still working in Nuevo Laredo’s real estate industry.

Selling Air was selected to be shown at Museo Tamayo (Mexico City, 2020) in the exhibition Otrxs Mundxs. This group show compiles the work of forty artist residing in Mexico City whose practice propose, in one way or another, alternative cosmologies.