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Map of a Twin Mind

Mixed Media Installation | mirrors, transducers, steel frame, computer server rack

Video Documentation

Since 2006, Mexico is host to a devastating war on drugs that has seriously eroded its social thread. In this scenario, the border city of Nuevo Laredo plays a protagonist role as crucial entry point for illicit traffic traveling into the US through different channels enabled by NAFTA's politics. Consequently, the US Department of Homeland Security announced several numbered classification system regarding security for US citizens' travel guidance. Nuevo Laredo was given the Level 4 designation, or 'no-go' zone, along with war-torn countries like Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, and Yemen. The sudden stop of thousands of visitors coming to the homologous twin city of Laredo, Texas, caused a severe regional economic recession that has had a catastrophic financial impact worsening an already dire situation. In the meantime, Nuevo Laredo's citizens still cross every day, contributing in this way to keep Laredo's economy aligned with the living standards of the Global North. 

Map of a Twin Mind is a site-responsive mixed-media installation commissioned by the OMR Gallery (Mexico City, Mexico). A double-sided mirror volume acts as a mechanism for rendering the viewer's reflection to suggest a critical dialogue connoting the ontological irony of the Nuevo Laredo/Laredo designation of twin cities. The fragile and pristine condition of the mirrors is juxtaposed by the deteriorated walls that support the structure. This gesture points out to an uneven relationship of symbiosis empowering self-centered geopolitics, in which the periphery is thought of, exclusively, as the scaffolding for keeping up the unilateral interests of neoliberalism. A set of sixteen concealed transducers (a device that converts variations in a physical quantity into sound) distributed across the mirrors enables them as sound outputs. The vibrations of sound coming out from the reflective glass emulates a strident metal object tapping behind the mirror-wall a Morse code translation of NAFTA (North America Free Trade Agreement), exposing in this way the presence of the unseen operations that make feasible the hegemonic privilege.