Jerónimo Reyes-Retana (b. Mexico City, 1984) is a research-based artist working with computer-based media in dialogue with materiality to address the mutualistic character of neoliberal expansionism with the integration of the technosphere. His practice is informed by speculative futurities and cultural encounters happening at the limits of globalization; at sites of social, ecological, and economic anxiety. As a former electronic music producer and motivated by a special interest in examining the political properties of sound, Jerónimo’s body of work galvanizes acoustic energy with sculpture, moving image, and costume made interfaces to propose immersive atmospheres unsettling and exceeding arenas of (in)visibility; stressing in this way the tensions implicit to the techno-utopian mysticisms of Western culture.

Jeronimo's work has been shown in solo exhibitions at Co-Lab Projects (Austin, US), Big Medium (Austin, US), and Salón Acme (Mexico City, Mexico), amongst others. In 2020, Jerónimo participated in Otrxs Mundxs at Museo Tamayo (Mexico City, Mexico), a group show featuring a selection of Mexico City-based artists proposing alternative cosmologies in the face of late-capitalism. In 2019, he presented Map of a Twin Mind, a site-responsive installation commissioned by OMR (Mexico City, Mexico). In 2021, EPCOT: Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow was nominated for the Lumen Prize award on art and technology. Forthcoming individual shows will be held at Casa Wabi Foundation (Mexico City, Mexico), Museo de la Ciudad (Ciudad Juárez, Mexico) and The Visual Art Centre (Clarington, Canada). In 2019, his research on the twin cities of the US-Mexico border Tamaulipas-Texas: Recognition of the No-Middle Ground was published by Bunker2 (Canada). His work has also been featured in Artforum, Glasstire, Wallpaper, and Terremoto.

Jerónimo holds an MFA (Sculpture + Extended Media) at The University of Texas (Austin, US). He has been the recipient of the FONCA-CONACYT: Study Abroad Scholarship (The National Council for Culture and Arts, Mexico) and the Graduate Fellowship (The University of Texas at Austin, US). He also went through the Certificate Program at The New Centre for Research & Practice. Jerónimo has been selected to participate in residencies and educational programs at Fabrica (Treviso, Italy); Casa Wabi (Oaxaca, Mexico); Soma Summer (Mexico City, Mexico); as well as Materia Abierta (Mexico City, Mexico) and TTU: Eterno/Retorno (Concepción, Chile); the last two focused on theory, art, and technology. He lives and works in Mexico City.
























EPCOT: Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow
Island of Conscious Power in an Ocean of Unconscious Cooperation
Map of a Twin Mind
Selling Air








Jerónimo Reyes-Retana | 2021