Island of Conscious Power in an Ocean of Unconscious Cooperation
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Island of Conscious Power in an Ocean of Unconscious Cooperation (ICP-OUC)

Mixed Media Installation (speakers, speaker mounts, rug, computer server rack)

Video Documentation

A granular reproduction of an Amazonian soundscape through a fifteen-channel interface, this work breaks down audio clips into millisecond-long fragments. ICP-OUC is an installation proposing a phenomenological experience of sonic deconstruction from where to think about the subjectivities of a post-anthropocentric nature. An array of multiple speaker-mounts, cables, and different devices, materializes an entropic system of connectivity that brings to the front the emergence of machine ecologies as the basis for scrutinizing from a non-human perspective the possibility of mass extinction. As an immersive installation, the viewer's movement across the room contributes to the uncanny experience of a hypothetical existence of an automated nature. When heard from afar, the sound emitting from each speaker creates an intelligible representation of the Amazonian rainforest. However, when standing close to a single speaker, all one hears is intermittent data manifesting as noise.

The installation is informed by the confrontation of two archetypical figures of the Western cultural imagination. On the one hand, Amazon; a multifaceted neoliberal expanding force engineering a form of capitalism based on a holistic practice of extraction that interweaves labour, resources, and data. On the other, the Amazonian; a symbol of an exteriorized nature that is dramatically contracting due to a voracious world economic order. Imbued by this critical association, and the assumption that the Amazonian basin is the result of an ancestral process of terraformation carried on by native inhabitants of pre-Columbian civilizations, ICP-OUC opens a space for stirring up a truncated correlation between the notion of artificiality and what modern society understands as nature.

ICP-OUC debuted at Museo Tamayo (Mexico City, 2020) as part of a site-specific installation for the exhibition Otrxs Mundxs. This group show compiles the work of forty artist residing in Mexico City whose practice propose, in one way or another, alternative cosmologies.