Non-Intelligible: The New Normal
Sound Installation (Light Stands, Steel, Tape)
12 ft x 10 x 8 ft










Twin System of Spiral Mapping
Sound Installation (Mirrors, Wood)
4 x 9 ft x 5 in










Map of a Twin Mind
Sound Installation (Mirror, Steel)
16 x 13 x ft x 2 in








Video | 6 min








Spiral Within
Sound Installation (Mirror)
20 x 16 x 2 in










Spiral Conversations
Sound Installation (Wood, Mirrors)
12 x 9 ft x 5 in











Informed by the neoliberal dynamics that shape individuals to appreciate the conveniences of modern consumer networks, but at the same time encouraged them to remain blind to the regular operations that support them, Reyes-Retana practice exposes encryption as a fundamental mechanism in the daily activities of large-scale infrastructures. As an artist working in the fields of sculpture and sound installation, Reyes-Retana utilizes multi-track audio as a medium to create atmospheres of multiple associations that point out the way we imagine, organize, and interact with encoded forms of language. Audio transmitters concealed and distributed throughout the works themselves reveal the materiality of objects, creating a dual relationship that alludes to the reinvention of hegemonic infrastructures for the emergence of symbiotic systems capable of reconfiguring meaning. By re-coding preconceived physical structures, his work emphasizes the analysis of infrastructural archaeology as a vehicle for speculating about the future.



Jerónimo Reyes-Retana
Mexico City, b. 1984

Education, Awards, and Residencies
MFA Studio Art Candidate (Sculpture + Extende Media), University of Texas at Austin, 2020
BA Visual Communication, Centro, Mexico City, 2008
2019-2020 College of Fine Arts Continuing Fellowship, University of Texas at Austin
2019-2020 The Graduate Continuing Bruton Fellowship, University of Texas at Austin
2018-2019 College of Fine Arts Diversity Recruitment Fellowship , University of Texas at Austin
2018-2020 Study Abroad Scholarship FONCA-CONACYT, Mexico
2017 SOMA Summer (SOMA, Mexico City, Mexico)
2009 FABRICA (Benetton Communication Research Center, Treviso, Italy)
Selected Solo Shows 
2019 Map of a Twin Mind (OMR, Mexico City, Mexico)
2015 Monumental Movimiento (Salón ACME, Mexico City, Mexico)
Selected Group Shows 
2019 It Grows Between (Efraín Lopez Gallery, Chicago, U.S.)
2019 Masa (Masa, Mexico City, Mexico)
2019 Syllogisms of Construction (Studio Block M74, Mexico City, Mexico)
2018 Almost Solid Light (Paul Kazmin, New York City, U.S.) 
2018 ReContructo | Rebuilding Mexico (Zuecca Project Space, Venice, Italy)
2016 Superstudio (Mutek, Mexico City, Mexico)